Best Company Benefit: Employers Listen Up

Published first on May 22, 2017 on the YonderWork blog. (Link below.)


I am going to tell you what the best company benefit is. It also happens to be the secret to getting more engaged employees and better bottom-line results. To understand why, you need to start by recognizing what engaged employees need, and what they like least.

What your employees want most is control over their most valuable asset, their time. They want to control how, when, and where their time is spent. They want to manage their own energy levels, their own productivity, and be empowered to solve the problems that fall within the scope of their job duties. They want to create solutions, and be appreciated for it.

What they don’t want is long commutes, a frantic morning rush and heavy traffic, micromanaging from above, little autonomy, and seemingly endless meetings and paperwork. They don’t want to feel stuck. They don’t want to feel unappreciated, or feel they’re sacrificing everything at home for seemingly arbitrary (or possibly outdated) workplace expectations.

This is probably no surprise to you; it’s what you likely desire as well.

Transitioning to a remote-friendly work culture could be the company benefit that can solve your employee engagement issues and your problems finding the best people locally to bring onboard.

Once you’ve adopted remote work, the world is your oyster. Hires can be made anywhere, and it becomes so much easier to focus on what matters for the company instead of non-essential issues like parking places, who gets which office, not catching someone else’s cold, or cleaning out the shared break room.

Working in a more mobile fashion creates an emphasis on getting things done, on iterating quickly, on valuing your teammate’s time, on providing timely feedback, and setting aside things that don’t move the needle.

If going remote strikes your interest, you’re in luck!

Remote work is clearly the best company benefit out there. YonderWork’s new Remote Fit Bootcamp begins soon, and it has everything you need to know to get started on making your organization remote work ready.

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